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They Look Alike – Reactions As Aremu Afolayan Tells 50

Aremu Afolayan, a Nigerian actor, is the first movie celebrity to openly criticize 50 Cent, a prominent American rapper and tycoon.

Remember how the rapper created controversy on social media a few days ago by announcing his intention to commission a film project based on the life of the notorious Nigerian internet fraudster Hushpuppi.

Without mincing his words, Afolayan took to his Instagram page with videos that captured him mimicking the flamboyant IG big boy.

You see hushpuppi you no see person…[email protected],” the actor captioned one of the video posts he uploaded to Instagram.

To make his pitch even more believable, Aremu put some of his designer footwear on display and proceeded to show off his exquisitely furnished living room.

A lady in the video was also heard hailing the actor repeatedly and referring to him as Hushpuppi.

Watch the video below;


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