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Amaka and Deji, two of the evicted bbnaija level up housemates, discussed their thoughts on the relationship between Sheggz and Bella in a recent interview on Glitch Africa Studio.

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People can lie, according to Amaka, therefore it can be challenging to determine whether Sheggz and Bella are faking it for the show’s audience. Deji added that Sheggz appears to be a playboy, making it suspicious for him to be all over Bella in a reality show. He believes they are not being sincere

Some days ago, Amaka Mbah reacted after Phyna told some of their fellow housemates that Amaka wanted to date Groovy and Giddyfia at the same time. However, things between her and Giddyfia went sour, and also Groovy preferred her to Amaka.

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Reacting to this, Amaka tweeted:

Wahalurr if only amaka picture for big brother house fit talk.

Few comments on social media reads:


@real_amaka_mbah you like to act innocent when you threw Level 2 mates under the bus long ago. Besides the man thing, uve been sucking up 2 level 1. Even after the merge you went on a tour about Diana, don’t act like a victim or good friend.


Which part is a lie ma? We all watched you say you liked Giddyfia, dotun and groovy.
We watched you ask phyna to speak to groovy for you.
You watched you say beauty was competing with you for groovy.
We watched groovy go to Phyna’s bed.
Which part is the lie aunty Amaka


You deserve an emotionally intelligent friend. My advice u better run from this one.


If anyone was fake it was Amaka
She carried level two things and told the level ones
That was the reason why Bryan and Daniella said you talk toomuch
So you sep no better


See how she’s throwing you under the bus


What Phyna said behind you,she will say it to your face,she doesn’t have time to beat around the bush,she will drag herself when she is wrong,and everything she is saying we watched it happen,no capping!

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Watch video below

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