“There is nothing like love and submission in marriage without money; teach young men to work hard to earn” – Pastor advise - IgbohoConnect
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According to a preacher, if the male does not have money, a marriage cannot have love and submission.

The preacher, who went by the name of Dr. Timothy Ogbu, made the assertion on his Facebook page.

Dr. Timothy advised internet users to instruct their young men to work hard for money because their financial status is inversely related to the respect they receive in their marriage.

He wrote:

“Teach your young men to work hard in life to earn money because there is nothing like love and submission in marriage without money! Your respect is proportional to how much money you can command!”

He added;

“We live in the world where mentorship and pastoral oversight is measured by the wealth and influence someone carries. So a woman who supposed to be a wife, even some members of your church who feed from your ministerial meal daily or weekly may still call another pastor whose wealth and influence is known to all as their mentor or pastor. This has actually led many to cut corners to be influential at the expense of their life

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