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“It’s my wife!” She adored me! She was never disrespectful or bothersome to me. Oh, it’s my wife.”
It wasn’t a funny sight to see someone who used to make us laugh hard cry, weep, mourn, and suffer loss.
It was a horrifying sight.
baba suwe and omoladun kenkelewu picture

Omoladun Kenkelewu was born Monsurat Oyeniyi in 1962. Her parents were Mr. Rauf Oyeniyi and Mrs. Munirat Bamidele of the Ile Bara, Opooyeosa in Oyo State . She was the third child in a family of six.

A comical actress like him, a very sweet, fair skinned plum Lady with her funny and ridiculous make-up and mark. Her voice too, sweet. They were extremely compatible, even on set. She made millions smile.

omoladun kenkelwu baba suwes wife

Her foray into the entertainment world started in 1982 in Ibadan when she ran into Chief Olowookere, who would later become her boss. Under his tutelage and guidance, she started taking part in stage plays. Some years later, she joined another entertainment group named Loveally.

Omoladun kenkelewu passed away in September 2009 during the Ramadan fast, she was his soul mate as they featured in many movies together?

He did say she was hypertensive though.

“Omoladun was hypertensive for a long time and I did my best as a husband, a friend, and colleague to take adequate care of her.


“At a time she spent months at a hospital. The day the bad incident happened, I was about praying when I told my child to go wake Omoladun because we had an appointment.




” It was this child who ran out to call me and with the help of neighbors, we rushed her to the hospital. The doctor confirmed her death on arrival.”



Funny enough, she was scheduled to visit the United Kingdom Consular Office that morning in order to obtain a visa to travel to abroad for proper treatment.

It was a shocker in the Yoruba industry as she was so young.

How many people remember her?

Drop a commend if you remember her and tell us what you remember about her.

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