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Isbae U’s father, Sir K Kamoru, a deceased well-known Yoruba actor, was laid to rest today amidst sobs.

At his residence, the late actor was buried on Tuesday in accordance with Islamic customs.

Sir K. Kamoru passed away on Tuesday morning, according to his colleague Yomi Adebiyi, who made the announcement on his social media account.

The cause of Sir Kay’s demise is still unknown.

His son, the well-known internet sensation Isbae U, is pictured attending the funeral with his siblings.

The actor passed away shortly after Isbae U shared a social media video in August documenting the moment he gave his father a N1 million cash gift for his birthday.

The skit maker wrote:

Gifted My Dad with 1 Million Naira Cash to Celebrate his Birthday, Love you Dad ( Sir K Kamoru).

Watch video below;

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