Who is Sunday Igboho?

Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo, often known as Sunday Igboho, is a Yoruba activist, entrepreneur, and humanitarian.

He was born on October 10, 1972 in Igboho town, Oke Ogun, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Sunday has 21 brothers and sisters his father’s name is Baba Igboho, but his mother’s name is unknown.

Sunday Igboho Education Life?

In Igboho, he attended both primary and junior level school.
Then he traveled to Osun State with his father, where he began working as a bike repairman in Modakeke, Osun State, and then moved into vehicle sales.

Who is Sunday Igboho’s Wife and children?

Sunday Igboho has two wives, the names of whom are unknown. He has eleven children.  His first wife had five children in Canada, while his second wife has six children in Germany.  In addition, three of his children are talented football players who play in Germany.
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How old is Sunday Igboho?

He is presently 49 years old, although he will be 50 this year (2022), having been born on October 10, 1972.

What is Sunday Igboho Net Worth?

He is said to be worth $500,000 million dollars as of 2021, however there is no official wealth estimate to back this up.

Sunday Igboho activism journey

Sunday Igboho’s advocacy career began during the 1997 and 1998 conflicts.
He served as a respondent on behalf of the Modakeke people.
He relocated to Ibadan, Oyo State, and became close to Lam Adesina, the former governor of Oyo State.
He was chosen Yorubaland’s Akoni Oodua.

Sunday Igboho’s father and Modakeke war

Igboho in an interview with Tribune claimed he inherited the power to command guns from his father. Explaining his role in the Ife-Modakeke communal war, he was quoted to have said; “

I took up the duty when the crisis erupted and I realized that Modakeke was ready to be repressed.
I resolved then that if God could grant me victory in battling against Modakeke’s persecution, there would be nowhere someone would be deceived around me and I would not rise in their defense.

Modakeke people did not get there overnight; they did not arrive there 100 years ago and you just told them to leave their land.


“It will be unjust if somebody argues that since I claimed I had not murdered previously, they refer to the Ife-Modakeke crisis, because that was a war.”
A guy who intended to murder me and razed my property is intent on killing me, therefore I don’t think it’s a crime if he killed in self-defense.



“May God pardon us, but no one should pass judgment on me based on a narrative about which they do not have all the facts.” I resided in Modakeke, and the Ile-Ife people threatened to expel Modakeke residents from their grounds. That’s where these individuals had spent their whole lives.
“How can you suddenly stand up and send them away?” That’s where my father lived and constructed a house, and that’s where I grew up. As a result, I had to defend my home.
“Our house was destroyed by fire during that crisis.” I had lived in Modakeke since 1985, where I had learned a trade, married, and had children.  “Should I have folded my arms when my father’s house burned down and I lost everything?”


“I am an original Christian.” When I was born, I was baptised by the church in Igboho. That is what I was told because I was not present. And I met my father while growing up while attending church. But he was a herbalist, and powers may be inherited,” explains Sunday Igboho.
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What are the reasons why Sunday Igboho was arrested in Benin Republic?


Sunday Igboho and his wife were detained by the International Criminal Police Organization (Intepol) at the airport in Cotonou, Benin Republic, on their way to Germany.  In Nigeria, he was accused with illegal immigration, bribery, and inciting violence.
Except for the illegal movement into the Benin Republic, the Benin Republic found no charges against him.
He was eventually freed for medical treatment with the condition that he not leave his medical center or depart Cotonou. The image of Sunday Igboho following his release is seen below.
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