1. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: They are robot which are different from the ones from movies, lots of them like SIRI, ALEXA because they are computer programs,  what makes them robots is that they can take data, analyze it and learn from it and keep on getting more intelligent, like the ones on Google and Facebook and figures out what ads they should make pop-up on your screen. Robots helps build stuffs in factories, analyze financial reports. In the future, there should be robots that should be able to cook for us and do all kinds of boring jobs.


  1. BRAIN- COMPUTER INTERFACES: Imagine being able to control computer mouse, keyboard or drones with not a set of controls but by thinking about it or listening to music not from speakers and it is streamed straight into the brain. It is mid blowing and it is already being developed and it’s coming soon. Elon musk company Neuralink which is looking out ways to implant chip to the brain, that will be able to communicate with computers and streaming music directly into the brain was formulated from an Elon musk’s tweet . The idea behind this is just to help human computes with super intelligent robots and aims to cure disorder like depression and addiction by rewiring the brain.




  1. 3D PRINTING: Perhaps, this is an old news but it is about to go to a whole new level. Not all those craft videos coming up on your social media feed with decorations made with 3D printing. 3D printing fashion accessories is kind of old school now, there will be 3D printing organs that will use patients cells, which mean they don’t have to wait for an organ donor. In china, they have 3D printed an entire apartment block and the future of 3D printed buildings can bring down the price of hazards, and solve the problem of homelessness. Also, 3D printing rockets can be on the way too. NASA have already made a 3D printed rockets injector.



  1. LIVING ROBOTS: They are completely different kind of robots. They are robots made of a real living tissues and could revolute as medicine . They are tiny programmable organisms that can move independently and work together as a team. They might be able to self-treat their wounds and take medicine into patients body.


  1. AUGMENTED REALITY: Overlying digital images to real life backgrounds can have all kinds of application in the future. Forget the idea of watching tutorials on YouTube, you can be able to put up a pair of AI glasses or contact lenses and then look at the engine. With the help of a bit of AI, software will analyze the problem and then show you what exactly you have to do and giving you feedback on whatever you are doing. How about a city guy that doesn’t just show you the best restaurants on the map but will point it out to you in real time with menus and doing an online shopping for clothes and see yourself wearing them even if you are not anywhere near.


  1. TACTILE VIRTUAL REALITY: To any gamer out there you will know when being hit in the game and you will feel a shake from your control panel, that is what this concept is all about. Tactile feeback that is about to be taking to a new level. The technology is also tested for training surgeons in simulations programs for practicing complicated surgeries. It helps to be able to feel resistance of body tissues. Programs that could do this makes training more realistic


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