“Sh@mel£ss woman, She is a dirty woman” – Fans call out actress Toyin Abraham for allowing herself to be romantically grabbed by Sydney Talker at an event (Video) - IgbohoConnect
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Online fans have responded in various ways to a video that features prominent Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham and comedian Sydney Talker.

Toyin Abraham planned a meet and greet for her film, Ijakumo, with Sydney Talker at a Filmhouse in Lekki, Lagos, as shown in the newly circulated video.

But one incident that caused quite a stir was when comedian Sydney Talker made a love move on married actress Toyin Abraham.

After a period of prolonged conversation between the two, the actress could not resist the comedian’s bear hug as he left for another location.

However, the video has generated several reactions among netizens, while some slammed Toyin Abraham by addressing her as a dirty woman in a dirty movie industry for allowing such with Sydney Talker, others also tackles the comedian over the way he holds Toyin Abraham. Some also defended the duo as they noted that Sydney is just being a baby boy to the actress in the clip.

Watch the video below;

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