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Actress Ini Edo, a veteran of Nollywood, has given an explanation for why her marriage failed.

The renowned actress spent four years with Phillip Ehiagwina as her husband.

“In general, there would never be a specific cause. You are aware of how they operate. Like I said, there are variances. Incompatibility, that is. Not being able to achieve consensus or certain compromises, she stated in an interview with a Nigerian television station.

The actress admitted that she wed young since she want to start and raise a family.

“I got married early instead of waiting to build my career because I valued and still value the institution of family,” she said.

She also said that they could have handled their differences better were it not for the distance that was between them.

“If we were together, maybe we could have understood each other better. Distance plays a very important role in a relationship, no matter the difference or incompatibility. Distance is one of the reasons we fell apart. If you are together a lot, you can find a way to work things out, “she added.

Her ex-husband is based in the US.

Despite the short life of her marriage, Ini said that the whole situation taught her a lot.

“I try not to regret my actions so I will say it has been an experience which I have learnt a lot from. It’s made me a stronger person, it made me wiser and I think it has actually made me more mature. So I won’t say that I regret anything; I’ll say that I have learnt many invaluable lessons.”

When asked whether she married too early, she said, “ I think I married too soon, not too early. After all that, all I need to do is focus on my life.”

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