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DJ Sose, a well-known Nigerian disc jockey, is well-known for serving as a judge on Nigerian Idol. However, outside of that, DJ Sose is most known as a person for his very recognisable face tattoo, which he has been sporting since 2007. When people see DJ Sose’s tattoo, they have a variety of reactions. It is impossible to overlook. While many people absolutely dislike it and believe it’s excessive, others really enjoy his face tattoo.

In a recent interview with The Nation, DJ Sose unambiguously revealed why he truly inked the face tattoo on himself. He also discussed how he feels about people’s reactions to the tattoo, including those of both adults and children. This is

Speaking about why he drew his face tattoo, DJ Sose explained:

I have had my face tattooed since 2007, so any brands or companies that want me to erase my tattoo means they are not interested in me. They just want to use me. It is the same way how I’m not signed to any record label, I’m self-made. Because right now it’s a case where I have built my brand to that point where a record label cannot say, ‘I want you to be under us’. No, it would be a partnership and not working under you. My brand is strong enough to stand on its own, if it is not strong enough that means I won’t be here. It is the African accessories, the Afro-Urban outfits, and the tattoo. It all signifies the unity of my origins, which are that I am half Nigerian and half Hungarian. I was also looking at something that one could use to recognise me. It’s a case where everybody needs something to make them stand out from the crowd.

When I first started, I had similar mixing styles to another DJ who was already established in the industry so people were always mixing me up with him. Anywhere I went, people always mistook me for me, so I had to figure out something that would make me stand out from the crowd.

Speaking about how he feels when he sees people, both adults and children, who are afraid of him because of his tattoo, DJ Sose said:

Well, People fear anything they don’t understand. Those that fear it do so because it’s something new and their minds cannot process it, while for others, it’s a case of curiosity. So it boils down to the individual. Yes, I’ve gone to places where adults and children were so afraid that they kept away from me. But it’s fine, I don’t mind. It is their opinion and they are entitled to it.

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