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Rita Dominic, an actress in Nollywood as well as a movie producer, is currently celebrating the birthday of her husband, Fidelis Anosike, who was born on November 20.

Rita Dominic' husband's birthday

Rita Dominic posted a little birthday message to her boyfriend on Instagram, where she is active on social media.
She posted a snapshot of the celebration on her Instagram account, along with a slew of birthday and love emojis for her boyfriend.

“Cake day 🥰🎂 🥂 💋 ❤️ @fidelisanosike”.

Rita Dominic’ alleged marital crisis

Despite the many charges that have been made against them, it is clear that the couple’s marriage is only getting stronger.

According to KFN’s report, Gist Lover was responsible for whipping up a frenzy on the internet after revealing the purported problem that was plaguing Rita Dominic’s marriage.

Before finally settling down with Rita Dominic, Gist Lover said that Fidelis had a relationship with a number of other Nollywood actors who wished to remain anonymous in addition to Rita Dominic.

The anonymous rumor also divulged the initials of the women with whom Fidelis Anosike is supposedly having a romantic relationship. According to the anonymous information, the women’s initials are the letters I and U, and they were also present at the actress’ wedding celebration.

An uproar had broken out on the internet after people began attempting to connect the initials with the names of celebrities they could identify as being present at the event.

Many people had come to the conclusion that the initial U belonged to Uche Jombo because of their shared friendship with Rita.

A significant number of Uche Jombo’s followers flooded her comment area and demanded that she provide an explanation on the supposed story.

As a direct response to it, Uche Jombo dared Gist Lover to yell out her name while he had his chest puffed out.

She called out the gossip blog and demanded that the platform clarify exactly who the U and I were referring to so that haters would leave her page alone.

“@gistloversgram.blog it will be wonderful if you could tell your folks who you are talking about so that they can stop bothering my page in peace.” Uche Jombo was the author.

The rumors did not succeed in breaking Rita and Fidelis’ relationship since it just made them stronger.

The duo has been spotted holding hands and kissing publicly on a number of occasions.

The duo captured everyone’s attention at her birthday celebration in July by acting out a PDA in a manner similar to that of adolescents.

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