Reason Why I Got Married at Age 40 Despite Saying I’ll Never Marry – Bimbo Manuel Reveals - IgbohoConnect
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One actor who has been around for a while and shows no signs of slowing down is Nigerian actress Bimbo Manuel. The extremely gifted actor has starred in a number of movies and television shows, including Tinsel, Collision Course, Charge and Bail, Love Is War, Seven, Gone, and many others.

The actor really got married very late in life, something many people might not be aware of. At age 40, Bimbo Manuel got hitched. Bimbo now discusses why he never ever wanted to get married and what ultimately caused him to alter his mind in a new interview with Chude. Here are the words of Bimbo Manuel.

During his interview with Chude, Bimbo Manuel was asked “You got married at 40. Why? How?” to which he responded:

I was not even going to marry. Because number 1, I had seen quite a number of marriages and what I had come away with was that there’s a bit too much going into marriage about the quality of the person that you’re going into the marriage with. It’s like throwing up a dice, you don’t know what number comes up. You just never know what number comes up. She may seem right, just perfect for you but even that is chance.

It’s chance. Because we all change. We must factor in change. And then of course I must also confess that I’d been so independent for so long. When almost all my friends were married, I didn’t quite understand what marriage was about. Beyond having children and being able to tell people that you’re married and then show off your wedding band. I didn’t want to just belong. I didn’t want to just get married because everybody else was married and I wouldn’t want to have children out of wedlock. They didn’t bother me. So it wasn’t anything high on my priority list at that time. There was a bit too much in life to chase.

“In an interview, you said your wife gave you a sense of purpose. What did your wife do to make you want to get married and give you a sense of purpose?”

I don’t think even she did those things deliberately. Fantastic woman! You see, we all need anchors otherwise we all just float around aimlessly. We may think life has purpose, we may not quite be complete totally. So at that time, at that period, she decided me that I was going to get married after all. It was not the pressure of getting married that made me marry. It was her that made me decide to get married. And we dated for a couple of years before we got married and in that period as well, I was a bit more stable. She was an achor for that period. And we achieved a lot of things that I probably on my own would not have been able to achieve.

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