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Bella Okagbue, a former “Level Up” resident on Big Brother Naija, has spoken out about her bond with co-star Phyna.

Many people were shocked when Phyna and Bella took their close friendship outside the home.

Phyna and Bella were rivals and antagonists on the BBN show, as viewers and fans can recall. Due to their frequent verbal battles and physical altercations, the two were enemies while living together.

Remember how Bella frequently teamed up with her ex-boyfriend, who was also her then-boyfriend, to defeat Phyna?

But as soon as the concert started, things took an unexpected turn when Phyna and Bella decided to become best friends.

Bella and Phyna friendship
They have been spotted together at countless events. The two new bffs have even wore matchy outfits on countless times and have stuck to each other at events.

Their friendship took many by surprise, as it was one many weren’t expecting.

Opening up on their friendship on TVC ‘E-Splash’, Bella described Phyna as her bestfriend.

She revealed how Phyna stood by her during her low times and gave her emotional support.

She said,

“The last week I actually got to know Phyna on a different level. It takes me a while to get to know people. With Phyna, it happened the last week and then we left the house together and being in the hotel for like the media rounds and stuff, we became so close.

Phyna was there for me when I needed someone the most. I would cry every night, before sleeping. When I am sad and down, she was there for me and that’s what made us close. She is a bestfriend”.

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Phyna talks friendship with Bella

Bella isn’t the only one who thinks highly of their friendship.

Phyna, had opened up about her surprising friendship with colleague, Bella Okagbue.

In a short interview with YouTuber, Olufemi Daniel, Phyna opened up on their blossoming friendship.

When asked what inspired their friendship despite their clashes in the house, Phyna noted that ‘it just happened’.

Speaking further, she described herself as a free and accommodating person who can be friends with anyone.

According to her, once the individual reciprocates her positive energy, they are good to go.

Bella sings Phyna praises

Reality TV star, Bella Okagbue had eulogized her co-housemate and winner of the Big Brother Naija Level Up Show, Phyna.

On Bella’s Instagram live yesterday, she was asked if she liked Phyna. Bella was surprised about the question, she responded by saying Phyna is her girl and she likes her because she is sweet and has a good heart.

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