Prefer Marrying A Yahoo Boy Because They Can Renew Their Wealth and Am Even Looking For One – Young Lady (Watch video) - IgbohoConnect
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Nigerian woman claims she would rather marry a Yahoo Plus user who engages in online fraud than be with a man who does a legitimate job.

According to her, Yahoo Plus Boys frequently pay out with the aid of jazz, which is a certain technique to ensure that there is an infinite supply of cash.

She claimed that Yahoo boys are superior than working-class men because they can constantly replenish their wealth whenever it appears like it is running out.

She claimed that a working-class man who goes bankrupt has no fast option to become wealthy or get out of debt.

In a street interview, the young woman made this claim and added that whereas fraudsters have family members they can utilize to supplement their wealth, men with regular jobs have not, which is why they struggle day and night at work.

She added that she like the way con artists treated their women, chauffeured them around in their automobiles, and pretended to be a nice pair with the chick in the front seat.

She scoffed at the prospect of her lover being a Yahoo guy who is unable to produce money for roughly three years when asked if she would be happy to stay with him.

But she emphasized that one advantage of staying with him is that he can always use the jazz and renew it if the money runs out.

She was also asked if she was concerned about the fact that EFCC agents frequently target Yahoo lads, but she said that she had no dealings with them.

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