Please marry me again, make it official” Comedian Warri Pikin reveals she’s getting married again - IgbohoConnect
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Anita Asuoha, a comedienne and actress best known by her stage as Warri Pikin, is planning her second wedding.

Warri Pikin has declared that she will remarry in April 2023, following Mary Njoku’s lead.

The actress will redo her wedding vows in honor of their upcoming 10-year wedding anniversary.

Warri Pikin shared the happy news about their upcoming dream wedding on Instagram just a short while ago.

She would first, however, experience her ideal engagement.

“It’s official we are getting married again! This time the way we have always wanted it. First of all let’s finally have my Dream engagement (DIAMOND). We are coming. APRIL 2023 Anticipate”.

Warri Pikin celebrates wedding anniversary

In April, the couple had celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary.

To celebrate the milestone, she shared their throwback photos accompanied by a love emoji on her Instagram page.

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