Please give me your papa number, na him I wan date” – Girl blasts her toaster for claiming that his father is a millionaire - IgbohoConnect
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A Nigerian man who tried to win a woman over by informing her that his father is wealthy received rapid retribution.

The lady, who had behaved rather well, immediately looked at the man’s clothing and realized that he was lying.

The man continued to lie to her as the lady remained silent in an effort to win her over.

The woman said that he should give her his billionaire father’s phone number after all was said and done. She proclaimed that she would rather date the billionaire father and consume the money straight from the source rather than dating his son, who would grovel for money from him.

It’s less serious and more humorous.

It’s less serious and more humorous.

People insult me online for being an Olosho, na una t0t0 I dey use? – Hook up babe voices out in anger

Gossipinfo news recall that Even if a lot of people patronize the call girl industry, a lot of individuals also believe that it is not a legitimate employment for any young woman.

Due to the intense religious fervor of the African people, it is strictly forbidden and considered a sin to do anything that can lead you to exchange your body for money.

This is an instance of a call lady speaking out after being harassed online by religious extremists due to her employment.

She has stated that they should leave her alone because she had given the work serious consideration before beginning and had made the choice to take it on.

She further said that she is doing the job with her private part and not that of her critics.

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