Papa I made, na you” – Moment Nigerian ladies recognize Davido in Amsterdam despite disguise (Video)

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Two Nigerians in Amsterdam are overjoyed when they find Davido Adeleke, the famed Afrobeat artist, despite his disguise.
In the early hours of the morning, around 5 a.m., the singer went out with his lawyer, Prince Bobo, to look for breakfast.
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Davido, who was wearing a sweatshirt to conceal his celebrity status, was identified by two Nigerian females.
One of the females who approached the singer insisted on his removing his disguise while repeating, “Papa Imade, comot am; na you.”
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Prince Bobo captioned the video on Instagram, “Lmaoo if your burger gets delayed at McDonalds in downtown Amsterdam rn.”
This is the reason. They’ve all left the kitchen.”
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Watch the video below …

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