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A Nigerian Man has landed into Trouble after he loaned N120K and uses N119k to bet  only for him to lose.

According to the man, he revealed that he visited the Microfinance bank and took a loan of N120K, Not only that he also used his brother as Guarantor.
Unfortunately thinking that he will win, He came out as a sad time for him despite the loan.
Watch the video below……..
“If you ask them to cancel Sports betting in Nigeria, Government will carry a lot of dead bodies”

In this latest from me, players share their experience patronising betting outlets in Nigeria:

— Ayo of Ibadan (@theayoadams) October 22, 2022

Reactions as Mum trends after carrying her twins with 1 wrapper

Mothers are the heroes of all their children when it comes to care.

In a short clip she shared on her Tiktok page, the beautiful mom used her baby for example as she tied him with a wrapper while she teaches other mom’s on how they should back their babies.

Instead of carrying one child, she backed one at the back and the other at the front. She did this especially for moms that have twins.

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