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A young lady who has already roofed her house has revealed how some land thugs demanded to see a receipt of the building Many found it funny that land thugs are still disturbing her when the building is nearing completion Despite being the owner of the house, the lady carried some planks on her head to the area where they are needed on the site

A young Nigerian lady shared a video showing her carrying some logs of wood to the house that she is still working on. In the clip, she revealed that omo onile (land thugs) approached her to ask for the receipt of the house.

Lady works on her building project She found it funny that anybody would ask that kind of question. Many people were wowed that she has been able to roof her house

me others on TikTok found it strange that there are omo oniles in the area where she is building. Watch the video below: As at the time of writing this report, the video has tens of comments with more than 1,000 likes. Below are some of the reactions: Omooba Atandaade said: “Haha Omo onile keeeh for that side?” ABIZY said: “Congrats my darling sia.”

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