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Obi Cubana, a successful businessman and philanthropist, has asked young people to pray for Davido on the occasion of his 30th birthday, which is today, November 21.

The creator of the Cubana group posted a video of himself with the singer along with a touching statement on Instagram. The video was of them performing together.
He gathered the young people together and instructed them to honor him and pray for him on his special day.

He asked them to pray that God would bring back his contagious smile and that he would regain what he had lost.

Cubana made the observation that Davido has a joyful spirit and certainly does not deserve anything less than love and happiness in his life.

“Dear Youth!!! Today let’s wish OBO a happy 30th birthday. Let’s pray that his infectious smile returns immediately. Let’s pray that God restores all he has lost and add plenty more to him.
OBO is a happy soul, he doesn’t deserve anything less than pure love and happiness! Happy birthday king @davido”.

Cubana mourns Davido’s son

Obi Cubana was one of the first people to express their condolences after hearing about the passing of Davido’s son after the news broke on the internet.

On his Instagram feed, he said that he had prayed fervently for a certain piece of news to turn out to be false.

Cubana disclosed that he had gone to sleep and then woke up, hoping that it had all been a dream; however, it had not been.

He said the deceased a tearful farewell while showering him with kind words.

“I have NEVER in recent years prayed for a news to be true, like this. I slept and woke up hoping for it to be a bad dream. Such a lovely boy, such a sweet boy! We all followed your growth!!! In short term of 3, you gave us so much joy.
The few things that give us happiness, the devil always find ways to spoil it, WHY!!!!
And I ask again, why do bad things happen to Good people?
David and Chioma, words fail me!
But God will comfort and console us all”.

Obi Cubana reacts as Davido’s gives out 250million

Last year, Obi Cubana was one of many who gave millions to Davido on his birthday.

Recall that in celebration of his 29th birthday, Davido had called on his friends, colleagues and associates to credit his account.

Obi Cubana had joined the likes of Cubana Chief Priest, Soso Soberekon and more to give to him.

Rather than use it to enjoy life, Davido revealed he would donate it all to different charity organizations across Nigeria.

He added that his goal was to do the fundraising every year to celebrate his birthday, and give back to people in need.

He urged his friends, fans and colleagues in the industry and the public to support him as he drives the cause.

Reacting to it, Obi Cubana, in a post shared on his Instagram page, described Davido as a king who would always be a king reaffirming the famous saying of the singer that ‘We rise by lifting others’.

Obi Cubana added it is not about how much an individual has but having the mind to help when and where they can help others.

He wrote: @davido donates 250m to orphanages! You see what we are talking about? A king will always be a king! We all rise by lifting others!

It’s not about how much we have but having the mind to help when and where we can! Together, we can all make the world a better place!!! Thank You King David for impacting the world positively….thank you!”.

Obi Cubana celebrates Davido's birthday

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