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Fans React As Influencer Papaya Ex Gives Housewarming Invitation Raheem Abike Halimah popularly known as Papaya Ex is one influencer that is known for showing off her wealth on her social media pages. Just this year, she bought a new house for her mom, brought a new Prado for her mom, and recently, got herself a mansion in Lagos

Nigerian Influencer Papaya Ex recently revealed that she would be having her housewarming party on the 18th of December 2022.

However, she also shared videos of her housewarming invitation card which speaks of luxury and opulence itself.

Under the post, she captioned, “Ultra-luxury housewarming invite delivery for 2 to my brother @prettymike of Lagos.”

The invitation is enclosed in a yellow box with a bottle of expensive champagne, a wine glass, and an Asho-ebi that costs 150,000naira included.

She visited Nigerian socialite Pretty Mike Of Lagos in his residence and gave him her housewarming invitation box.

The post attracted lots of reactions from her fans that she had to off the comment section. While a good number of them complimented her luxury lifestyle, some others questioned her extravagant lifestyle.

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