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There is one thing you can’t take away from Nancy Isime, and that is her love for humanity and the less privileged.

Sticking to her yearly birthday rituals, the media personality and actress marked her 31st birthday with the less privileged kids of Dream Catcher. Nancy described the kids, who she had once featured on her talk show, as her favorite little humans.

The ‘Nancy Isime’ show host didn’t go there empty-handed. Nancy gave out bags filled with goodies and a year scholarship.

Sharing photos and videos from the beautiful moment, she penned an appreciation post to all who supported her.

“Beat Day with the Best Humans.

As has been my tradition for the past 11years, I spent my birthday with some of the most privileged kids in the world!

The kids at @dreamcatchersda are some of my favorite little humans, I featured a few of them on @thenancyisimeshow…. Season 2 and if you watched, you’d know how super talented and intelligent they are.

@seyi_oluyole (second slide) has been doing an amazing job caring for these super talented kids over the years so this year I decided to bring them some Christmas gifts and also relieve Seyi and the organization of their school fees for the Academic year of 2023, all of them.

Please feel free to support @dreamcatchersda with donations cash and kind.

Big shout-out to my @vivaplusdetergent for sending them some Viva goodness

Nancy Isime celebrates 31st birthday

IgbohoConnect News reported that turned 31 on Saturday, December 17th.

To celebrate her day, Nancy Isime had written a letter to God, she expressed gratitude to Him for everything, most especially, the peace she has found that comes from him.

Grateful for chapter 31, Nancy revealed that she knew the 3rd floor will be the best years of her life and she wasn’t wrong at all.

“Chapter 31.

I knew the 3rd floor will be the best years of my Life and I wasn’t wrong at all!!!

Dear God,
Words can’t describe.
Words aren’t enough.

Thank you…. For everything!
This peace I’ve found can only come from you.

Thank you!
It’s my birthday everyoneeeeee

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