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Following the sharing of a trending video of a woman with a heavy posterior, debatable opinions about her appeared on social media.

Men can’t take their eyes off the young slay queen in the video as she claps her buttocks while dancing while wearing only a thin layer of jumpsuit apparel.

Some people have already begun labeling her as a Jezebel’s kid sent to destroy their marriage, but from the looks of things, she’s doing very well.

One commenter compared her behind to a water tank because of how flexible and shaky it was.

A well-known Botswana musician living in the UK named Lorraine Lionheart recently said that her voluptuous figure is a blessing.

The musician, who has given multiple performances in Nigeria, claimed to have had positive encounters throughout the nation.

She revealed this in a recent interview with the Saturday Beats and stated the following in her submission:

I honestly can’t think of anything bad about having a curvaceous figure. If I ever complain, God is going to slap me. I’m one of His selected ones to display His astounding inventiveness, and I’m doing a pretty good job of it. God is happy about me. So there are no drawbacks here. In reality, the benefits grow more numerous every day.

It’s challenging for me to single out a favorite location in Nigeria because each of these cities has made me feel incredibly at home. I’ve been welcomed so warmly in Calabar, Abuja, Lagos, and Benin that I’m now actively seeking for nonprofit organizations and neighborhood initiatives to assist there so that I can give something back as well.

In the same interview, she spoke about what brings her peace and she said;

“L0ve, s3x, and money, what comes first for me? Whichever that brings peace. The three of them can be stressful now and then. I guess any can come first; as long as I am depending on me to get them, then, there is peace. I give myself love, I perform s3x on myself regularly and I make my own money.

See some of her video below

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