“I do not understand why she agreed to be ordained as a pastor and pretends to people while our marriage is falling apart,” a Ndola man has cried before the Kabushi local court in Ndola, Zambia.

pastor denied

According to Zambia Observer, Bright Sinkala took his wife, Pastor Grace Musende to court seeking divorce on the grounds that she neglected their marriage, and instead visited mountain for prayers on regular basis.

However, in her defense, Grace told the court that it was in fact Bright who caused their marriage to fall apart because he could not keep his pants zipped and has since found a girlfriend whom he has built a house for.

Bright during his testimony revealed that he and his wife have not been physically intimate for the past nine years and yet they live under one roof.

He told the court that all was well with him and Grace until she started frequenting mountains to prayer and leaving her duties in the home unattended to.

Bright added that Grace once came back home late from the mountains and that he locked her out.



He claimed that after leaving her to sleep on the porch, she brought her family to
 see him the following day.


“Because no longer care about her, had no interest in attending the meeting.


“When her family arrived, overheard her calling me drunk and weak sex offender to them.


Grace, on the other hand, said in court that she and Bright used to love praying
 together before he went and consumed another “fruit.”

“She went as far as telling me that I am not man enough and that hurt me,” he said.

Bright further told the court that his wife stopped washing and cooking for him and

that he had been doing things on his own for many years.

“How can I be cooking for a man who does not eat my food?

“He has not made love to me for the past nine years because he has found another woman,” she said.


She stated that Bright was not working, but the moment he got a job,

he got a girlfriend who he would frequent Nakonde with to do business trips.

She said in court that she made numerous attempts to talk to her 
husband for the benefit of their children but that he was already set on being with the other lady.


“My husband brought me to church because he was strong elder and we
 served the Lord together, but when he met another woman, he completely changed. 
He has even been sleeping on the couch for the past three months, she claimed.


John Kabwe, the senior magistrate who presided over Kabushi Local Court, 
and senior magistrate Emelda Masuwa reached decision and granted divorce due to
 the failure of reconciliation.


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