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A proud mom has inspired other ladies out their that despite their situation, they can still make it.
The lady who is identified as Mpho Mmasechba has shared the moment her mother surprised her with a Brand new car at her shop where she sells food.  
In the video shared, the lady was presented with the car but in surprise she couldn’t believe what she saw as she doubted about the new whip.
Her mother who is also a food vendor took her to Toyota car company whereby she presented the car to her revealing it is for her.

If my husband is rich, he is free to cheat on me- Lady spills (Video)

A Woman has caused a stir on social media over cheating husbands.

During an Interview, she made it clear that she does not mind if her husband sleeps with her sister as far he is wealthy and she does not have issues with that.
In her words;
It depends if the man has money and can still take care of me and take care of my sister. But if to say e get money dey do am, e got carry all my sister, even my mother, na im money e dey chop. 

But if the man doesn’t have anything and is doing that kind of life, I can’t be carrying that burden. As in, which means he’s using the money we’re supposed to gather for our children for another woman, then I’ll divorce him shaperly. I go even give am otapiapia make e die

Watch the video below…

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