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Temi Otedola, a budding actress and the daughter of a billionaire, has given her mother, Nana Otedola, some shocking news.

Femi Otedola, the billionaire’s wife, participated in a mother-daughter challenge with Temi Otedola, during which her daughter revealed something new about her.

The two had taken part in a quiz where the object was to identify the habitual offender.

Otedola mentioned that her mum is probably going to visit her ex during the game Temi.

Temi Otedola gestured to her mother when her mother and daughter were asked who was most likely to go back to her ex.

On the other side, Nana Otedola was baffled by her daughter’s announcement and wore a bewildered expression when asked why Temi choose her.

This has caused a stir online as many questioned why the mother would return to an ex, when she is married to a billionaire.

One Cyndyoriel wrote, “Which ex be that? Is the mom’s face for me. Even in that woman’s next life, she will not want to go back to her ex

One Real Elohor wrote, “Even billionaire wife is more likely to go back to her ex money is not everything oh

One Candy flox wrote, “Make Otedola wife go back to which ex???

One pretty Marcelina wrote, “Most likely to get back to her Ex. U point ur mum?? Chaaaa….. y’all are pretty tho

One Success Ighalo wrote, “Who’s most likely to get back with their ex and you are pointing at your mom”.

Nana covers Cuppy’s exposed cleavages
The wife of billionaire businessman Femi Otedola and mother of Nigerian Disc jockey, Florence Otedola better known as DJ Cuppy has warmed hearts as she covered Cuppy’s exposed cleavage.

Nana Otedola had paid a surprise visit to her daughter and wasn’t happy with her exposed cleavages.

DJ Cuppy had worn a pink like spaghetti hand gown which showed off her cleavage and her mum wasn’t impressed with it.

Like many African mothers would do, Nana pulled up her cloth to cover her boobs.

Sharing the sweet video, DJ Cuppy captioned it with, “Mothers will always be mothers” accompanied with several laughing emojis”.

Cuppy criticizes her mother DJ Cuppy had criticized Nana Otedola for discreetly criticizing her sense of style.

In a conversation with her daughter, her mother, Nana, made fun of her daughter’s lack of common sense. Cuppy had been updated by Nana on their family gathering.

The three-parent mother advised the singer/DJ to dress nicely because there will be lots of photo shoots.

She claimed, though, that she wasn’t disparaging her.

DJ Cuppy apologized to her mother for calling her out and posted a screenshot of their conversation online.

I’m very sorry, but I’m calling my mother out.

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