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Mercy Aigbe, an actress in Nollywood, recently tweeted a photo of herself and her daughter, Michelle, together in a touching moment when they reunited.

Mercy Aigbe is currently taking a break from her travels in Canada, where her daughter attends school.
The mother of two children paid a visit to her daughter, who was unable to hold back her tears when she saw her.

It was observed that Michelle was bawling her eyes out while clinging to her mother.

Mercy Aigbe expressed how much she yearns for her younger self by posting a picture of their adorable reunion on her Instagram page.

Lovely moment, @michelleio! Baby misses you so much!

The birthday of Mercy Aigbe’s daughter is being celebrated.
The love that Mercy Aigbe has for her daughter is unbounded and unrestricted.

For Michelle’s birthday this year, Mercy Aigbe showered her with compliments and kind words.

Mercy Aigbe celebrated her daughter’s 21st birthday by posting a photo of her on her verified Instagram page and showering her with motherly prayers. Her daughter is now an adult.

In her letter, she said, “Look who turned 21 today!!!! My honey bunny, my chocolata, my caramel topping, the apple of my eyes, my sweet heart, my angel, the first fruit of my womb, by this time 21 years ago I didn’t push you out, my big baby, the best gift from God to me, my jewel, the best daughter ever, my smart, very intelligent daughter, my source of strength, my world, my everything

You will continue to be the head in everything you do, the Lord will prosper you beyond measures, you will continue to grow from glory to glory, the Lord will guide and protect you, no harm shall befall you, you shall thrive and be successful even beyond my expectations, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! I adore you so much, my princess.

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