Men stare at me like they need my body- Angel Smith. - IgbohoConnect

There was a funny exchange on Twitter between former Big Brother Naija housemate, Angel Smith and her Twitter followers recently. Angel Smith, who is blessed with a killer body, took to Twitter to share her experience with men who won’t stop staring at her, whenever she goes to use the gym.

men and women

“Men will literally stare at me in the gym as if there’s something they want to collect from my body.” Angel tweeted.

Her tweet got many of her followers wondering if she was serious or just joking. Some even went as far as telling her she had a sexy body that men would surely die for.

The funniest of them all was from a Twitter user, @ImYoungP22, who was blunt with her. In his response written in Pidgin English, the user told her the body she had was surely going to make men go mental.

“Sister, what you carry in front makes all the guys go mental, abi!” You want to tell me you don’t know what you’re carrying for the front? Say, what got you to kill someone? Who is your papa? Make me go greet am ooh!
I say sister, your body is fire oo; all guys go mental for your body (Sister, your body makes men go mental, would you say you don’t know what you have? I’d like to pay a visit to your father. Sister, your body is on fire; all the guys are obsessed with it).” YoungP responded.

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