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A Nigerian woman in charge of a squad of obese female bouncers has opened up about why she wants the job.

In a recent interview, the young woman claimed that people have long thought of the security industry as a hustle for just men.

She made the decision to alter this narrative by leading a gang of fat women who are strong and suitable to serve as bouncers.

The boss of the Dragon Squad, a team of female bouncers, Emem Thomas, has talked openly about her position. If they set their minds to it, women are capable of performing any kind of honest job.

Emem claims that she made the decision to put together a group of fat women to serve as bouncers, and the journey has been fruitful since it began.

Emem claimed in a BBC interview that part of their work is to physically guard and bring delight to others. She claims that she has come under fire because some people believe that women aren’t capable of performing the same tasks as males.

She continued by saying that some critics go so far as to call them “lesb!” because to the type of work they conduct.

Internet users praise female bouncers
God bless your grit, stated Jojoamiegbe.

Bestgoldeva wrote: “You are doing well.”

Naijayoungestbiker said: “God bless you mummy.”

Thereal_dannybravo remarked: “Beautiful.”

Isabel_grace08 noted: “Nne God bless ur hustle.”

Giftjames_ reacted: “‘m proud of them.”

Rexgee_ noted: “Creative mindset still works great things.”

Squadylala commented: “Some things we call disadvantage are actually advantage it’s how your mind program you.”

Kidsdecornaija reacted: “Beautiful, creative. I love it.”

Tinachild remarked: “I hope Governor’s wives and top female

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