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Saratu, who is from Kano State in northern Nigeria, struggled in school because her parents couldn’t afford to send her to a good school.

But after a video of her doing mathematical wizardry went viral, a kindhearted Nigerian man named Bashir Ahmad became the first to fund her education through his Bashir Ahmad Foundation (BAF).

“The Bashir Ahmad Foundation has successfully completed Saratu Dan-enrolment Azumi’s in a Gaya LGA school. Saratu is a talented out-of-school girl who answers math problems with ease without being instructed. Her education is funded by the BAF through university, the Foundation stated on Twitter in August.

Her words, as quoted by Premium Times, which was, in turn, quoting the News Agency of Nigeria:

“I am good in mathematics, whether addition, subtraction, division or multiplication. I can calculate numbers in millions ‘up head’, without writing or using a calculator.

“I left school because of bullying. My peers used to call me names which I detested. I will not go back to that school. I’ll be happy to continue my studies in another school, away from them.”


The Bashir Ahmad Foundation has successfully concluded the enrollment of Saratu Dan-Azumi, a brilliant out-of-school girl, who effortlessly solves arithmetics without being taught, in a school in Gaya LGA.

The BAF sponsors her education up to university.

— The Bashir Ahmad Foundation (@BashirFund) July 26, 2022

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