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In Nigerian entertainment/Comedy Industry, we have a different type of Talented Comedians, A well-known Instagram and Youtube Comedian who is also a Lawyer Mc Lively or Barrister Mike (BM).

He does funny and informative comedy skits on Instagram and he has over 1.4million followers who he keeps smiling by each comedy skit. Mc lively biography, his youtube and Instagram comedy career, Education, and net worth will be written in this article.

Early Life & Education
Net Worth
Mc Lively Social Media Handles
FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) Related To Mc Lively Biography

Michael Sani Amanesi, popularly known as Mc Lively or Barrister Mike, He is a Nigerian Instagram, Youtube Comedian, Actor, and Events Host/MC, He is a well-trained lawyer, solicitor, and advocate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, from ‘Great Ife’, the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, Ile-Ife, Osun State. He was called to bar in 2016 but choose to be in front of the camera over his wig and gown. Mc Lively said his training as a lawyer made him a smart, lively, and engaging comedian.

Early Life & Education
Mc Lively was born  14th August into a family of seven and he grew up in Ile-Ife Osun State. He hailed from Agenebode, Edo State 
Micheal attended Ideal Nursery & Primary School in Ile-Ife before he proceeded to Moremi High School for Secondary Education. 
He did jamb 3times before gaining admission into Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Ile-Ife, Osun state where he studied Law although  Mc Lively has always wanted to read mass communication in school, OAU didn’t offer the course,
He graduated in 2015 and was in law school for a year, He got called to the bar in 2016.
Mc Lively was a very stubborn child according to him, there was a time his mother beat him and use Razor blade to cut his body and rubbed pepper on the wounds because of he and his brother left their youngest sibling who was a baby unattended to. After their mother had left him for them to take care of. 
Sani Micheal said his mom beat him so much, he thought he was adopted, There was a day he called her mother and asked if she was truly his Biological Mother, Amongst Mc lively Siblings he was the only one who attended a public school, Her mother told him that it was going to be too expensive to put him in a private school.
He started acting at the early age of 7 and by the time he was 17, he was renowned for his extreme enthusiasm in teenage years and was given the name Lively – A name he still goes by several years after.
He has dedicated his life to being a very effective Event Host and Comedian.
Lively has hosted over 200 events in many states in Nigeria and is reputed for his high level of professionalism, he has a knack for excellence in all of his events
Mc Lively started as a Stand-up comedy but it was a total failure; the failure was huge. There was one day he cracked a joke and even his girlfriend who was in the crowd didn’t laugh. He could not sleep that night, this happened about four times while he was at the university. Later, Mc Lively discovered he was better at comic acting than at stand-up comedy.
He broke up with her girlfriend a long time ago, it’s not because she didn’t laugh though. Probably if she had laughed, they might still be together.
The situation of  Nigeria inspires his kind of skits. Mc lively always play the character of a Nigerian man who is frustrated and looking for a job, The reason for this character is, It is because of his continuous experience. He is an unemployed graduate, that’s what motivates the character he plays in his skits, and he’s very conscious about what is happenings around him. he always feels the need to talk about societal issues in a sarcastic way.
Micheal Sani became famous after his comedy video titled “Agidi” which focused on fuel scarcity in the country.
According to Mc Lively, He thought about that video while he was in church. The reverend father was talking about Nigeria and the inspiration to make that skit came from his sermon. He wrote the script in the church and told his brother that he needs to shoot skit that same day evening, it was late but because it was time-sensitive at the time, he did it and that was how it was accepted and people gave mc lively AGIDI.
There is one physical difference between mc lively and other comedians which is the fact that he is a lawyer, He makes a difference, He addresses societal issues and gets angry as no other person does. People do similar things but the way he does his skits is still very different.
Mc lively Created an Instagram Account in 2015 not even knowing he is going to be uploading  Content on it like this. He is currently with over 1.4million followers on his Instagram page
Mc Lively had featured in different comedy skits alongside big names in the industry, including such Basketmouth, Ali Baba, Gbenga Adeyinka, Omo Baba, Tee A, Gandoki, Broda Shaggi, Lasisi Elenu, Mr Macaroni, Kofi, Okey Bakassi, Klint da Drunk, Mc Abbey, Julius Agwu, AY, Bovi, Bae-U, Frank Donga, Teju Babyface, Woli Arole and so on.
Won  The Royal African youth Leadership award conferred by Ooni of Ife
won the City People Music Award for Comedy Act of the Year.
Net Worth
Mc Lively has a net worth of an estimated $50,000
Mc Lively Social Media Handles
Twitter: @mc_lively_
Instagram: @mc_lively
Youtube: mclively
FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) Related To Mc Lively Biography
Q1). mc lively real name?

Michael Sani Amanesi

Q2). mc lively Date of birth?

14 of August

Q3). Mc Lively Net Worth

Mc Lively has a net worth of an estimated $50,000.

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