Masha Allah!!!!!”- Congratulations pour as Islam group honoured Mercy Aigbe with Meritorious award - IgbohoConnect
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Fans have praised Nigerian actress Mercy Aigbe for receiving the ZUHSAT SALAAM Meritorious Award from an Islamic organization.

Mercy, who occasionally goes by the name Hajia Minnah, posted the happy news on social media.

Sharing a video of the award, she wrote: “Today i’m in my IYAWO ALHAJI’s Element So I got another award from Sayyid Habeeb’llah Alabi Abd’salaam Akoshile “Suruur_Shaikh” @suruur_shaikh333 i am truly humbled THANK YOU ”

The inscription on the award read:” Meritorious Award to Hajia Minnah Mercy Adeoti, in recognition of your immense contributions, morally and financially that have touched many lives and the propagation of islam at large through your valiant effort towards the uplitment of ZUHSAT SALAAM Jazaakum ‘Ilahu Khayran jazza!”


bkh_kitchen wrote: Woman with substanceMasha Allah!!!!!Congratulations momma on adding another color to your achievements. I’m so glad about your phenomenal accomplishment. I’m wishing you all the best that life has to offer.welldone momma and Alaji

kofoadebayo6 wrote: Masha Allah. We appreciate your Acknowledgement. The sky is your limit,Hajia bijah Sheikh Abdulsalam Akoshile,rta,Amin.

luyemisiadewaleajasa wrote: Am always proud of you Mercy. Just keep your good works. May God continue to bless the work of your hand

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