Mama Just want to have a Taste Now, Allow her, Toyin Will Not Talk” – Fans React As Actress Peju Ogunmola Insist on Looking At Kolawole Ajeyemi Gbola in New Video - IgbohoConnect
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Following the release of a trailer for a film starring him and well-known actress Peju Ogunmola, Nollywood actor Kolawole Ajeyemi has sparked comments among his admirers.

In the suspense film, Kolawole Ajeyemi’s mother-in-law Peju Ogunmola keeps pleading with Kolawole Gbola to look at her, but Kolawole refuses to do so. His supporters’ reactions to this brief film have been varied.

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Speaking about the financial rewards and making money from film, Toyin Abraham said:

I started making money in entertainment maybe 5 years ago when I started working with FilmOne. That was when I started making money. I can even remember, my first movie, when Mr. Moses called me and told me they’ve paid the money into your account. I saw my account, that was the first time, I saw forty something million. I’m not joking. I could not sleep. I called my god mom that see, these film people it’s like they will come and kill me and collect the money [laughs]. That was the first time making such money and it’s my money. I started making money like five years ago but I’m a go-getter. I love this job, it’s passion for me, and I want to do more and more.

Wow! This film business of a thing, it cannot be easy. Especially because after all this money spent, there are still so many Nigerians that will not go to cinema to support the movie making it harder for them to fund their next project. I cut cap for every Nollywood producer and I for one will be going to check out ‘Ijakumo’ when it hits theatres. What do you think about what Toyin Abraham said?

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