Lola Omotayo celebrates Psquare on their 41st birthday Saying “My heart smiles knowing that you both have a deeper bond” - IgbohoConnect

Peter Okoye’s wife Lola Omotayo Okoye has written a lovely tribute to honor Psquare on their birthday.

Today, November 18, the musicians turn 41.

She described them as her favorite twins in the entire world and emphasized how pleased she is that they now share a closer bond than ever.

Lola Omotayo celebrates Psquare

The mother of two prayed fervently for them.

Happy birthday, my darling @peterpsquare @iamkingrudy, to one of my favorite twins in the entire world. I have to admit that it makes my heart happy to know that the bond between the two of you is stronger than ever. Love and family come first in the end. May today be filled with additional blessings, wisdom, joy, and prosperity. Together, you embody God’s exquisite creation as a movement, force, vibe, and movement. May God Almighty continue to provide you all a long life, excellent health, and a perpetual commitment to one another. We are grateful for you right now and always. Happy Birthday; you are loved.

Lola Omotayo celebrates Psquare’s birthday

Many people aren’t surprised by her birthday greeting for her husband and his twin brother because Lola always remembered to do so despite their disagreement.

Recall that Lola Omotayo had made a public statement about Psquare ignoring one another on their 39th birthdays.

Since 2016, the brothers have been at odds for unidentified reasons.

A montage of Peter and Paul’s images was posted on Instagram by Lola Omotayo, the spouse of one of the twins, Peter Okoye, with the caption:

“Hmmm….to the twins @peterpsquare @iamkingrudy whether you like it or not, you are brothers; you are not only brothers, you are TWINS! I wish you both a very happy birthday! Life is short, make the best of it! Respect and Love should be sacrosanct! As we get older we should realize that life is precious and time waits for no one. My 2 cents! More blessings upon both your lives in Jesus Name. #ejima #ibeji #peterpaul #psquare #bigokoyetwins #birthdaytwins #blessed”.

Psquare’s 40th birthday

Psquare celebrated their 40th birthday last year by posting on social media for the first time in a long time.

This was their first birthday together following a four-year feud that ended on Wednesday night, November 17, 2021, with their reconciliation.

The twin brothers posted a picture of themselves along with birthday greetings on each of their individual Instagram pages.

Happy birthday to us, wrote Paul Okoye, and he tagged his brother Peter.

It’s our birthday, coupled with numerous love emoticons, Peter Okoye wrote.

Lola Omotayo celebrates Psquare birthday

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