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Toyin Adegbola, nicknamed Asewo To Re Mecca, a well-known veteran Yoruba actress and businesswoman, recently gave birth to a child in the US.

The most recent grandma shared nice moments while announcing the good news on her verified Instagram account.

Her beautiful photographs of her and her daughter are compiled in the film. Additionally, it included scenes from the hospital when Toyin’s daughter gave birth.

The actress said, “Come and witness the works of the Lord. He is capable of anything. Your holy name is blessed. new grandmother”

Internet users responded to this excellent news by sending messages of congratulations. As they adored the newborn baby, they also sent each other love emojis.

Children are God’s legacy and a gift to humanity. Toyin is a happy mother and actress. She has raised her children on her alone since she lost her husband many years ago, and they have all found success in their undertakings.

Why We should be the one given to the public – Toyin Adegbola
Igbohoconnect News Recalled That Nigerian actress Toyin Tomato has advised her coworkers to refrain from requesting government assistance when they are ill.

In a recent interview with BBC News Yoruba, Toyin Tomato. View the video here:

She said Begging fans and government is not the best option, Why does celebrities believes in begging and always having rest of mind that when they are sick they will beg for money.

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