Jimmy Odukoya Reveals That, It’s Crucial To Present Authentic African Stories In Films ―  Read Details - IgbohoConnect
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Nollywood star, Jimmy Odukoya has stated that it is crucial to present authentic African stories in films.

He said such is important so as to be able to preserve Africa’s culture and traditions.

Jimmy made this disclosure to newsmen while touching on his part in the recently released film ‘The woman king’ in an interview over the weekend in Lagos.

Odukoya described the recent movie ‘Woman King’ as a representation of the authentic African story. While sharing his experience on set, the actor noted that telling African stories through film preserves African culture and tradition.

He said he enjoyed being onset with Viola Davis and John Boyega who in the film was his adversary.

Jimmy goes on to describe the film as a conversation starter as in recent times the need for women’s empowerment has become imperative.

“People want to see women in power, women fighting… not playing but literally fighting.

“Think about 300 but the female version.

“And also to see black women in power, they are not the victims. They are not oppressed.

“They are not the ones down. They are not slaves or criminals. They are queens and they are warriors.” He said.

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