‘It Is Highly Disrespectful’ – Mr Macaroni Speaks On ‘S3x For Roles’ In Entertainment Industry

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Debo Adebayo, a Nigerian comedian and actor known as Mr Macoroni, has described’sex for parts’ in the entertainment industry as very disrespectful and humiliating. In a recent interview, the comedian spoke out against the tendency, adding that anybody found guilty should face punishment.

According to the actor, people should be given parts and tasks based on their competency and ability to perform. Macaroni also counseled aspiring performers to work hard and be patient, since success does not come on a silver platter. “I’ve always spoken out against it, even before I became a prominent person,” he remarked. I have kicked against it, I have a series of tweets against it, and I have enough of stuff to speak out against it; it is incredibly insulting and disgusting, and it stinks of how far we have fallen from humanity.

“People should be assigned tasks and occupations based on their competency and ability to deliver.” How many individuals are you going to sleep with? There should be repercussions for bad behavior in order to motivate people to do better. If they are proven guilty, I want to think there will be suitable sanctions. “And it’s not only sex; someone will ask you to go and bring money for a job; if they have money, would they be seeking for employment; we shouldn’t damage other people’s life as well.”

“Take a look at Mr Macaroni for such an up-and-coming talent, I will encourage you to look at my life and my path, success does not come once.”  “I began acting in 2012 or even 2010, but by God’s grace, people began to recognize me in 2019, don’t be in a rush.”

“Time and opportunity happen to everyone; continue on your quest; success will not come to you on a silver platter; you must work for it.”
“Don’t think you have to sell your body or do anything wrong to get there; work hard and keep believing, and with God’s help, you will reach your goal.”

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