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Nigerian man has caused a stir on social media over his creativity.

The man who runs a business in Enugu took to tiktok to show the moment he turned a worn out 2007 Hilux ride to a new car
Sharing the video, he wrote;
No too much talk just bring ur old car and see what we can do

A 20yr old factory worker Identified as Ashley Goudou has revealed that he works 7 days a week surviving with a pot of Noodles just to feed his 8 pets.

Ashley who is from Mancroft, Bristol stated that he lives in a one bedroom flat which is occupied by rescued cats and 4 dogs.
During a chat with the Mirror, Ashely said that  he works 10 hours shift a day in 7 days which he earns £6.81 hourly just to make ends meet and because of this, he can’t afford to buy a bike or pay for transports.

He further revealed that Despite working hourly and earning £2,000 per month, it is not even enough for him to Pay for his gas and also WIFI.
He also said he chooses to feed his pet over himself.
Handing them into a rescue isn’t an option for me, I wouldn’t have the heart. I’d rather not feed myself. He told the mirror
Although reacting to this, The bristol animal center is helping him with donations so he can continue to care for his pets

Watch the video below…….


Here we go 2007 hilux upgraded to 2020 tiger 🐅 face. no too much talk just bring ur old car and see what we can do#Auto #upholstery #black #british #old #cars #upgrade #new #automobile

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