“I’m Gonna Marry This Man”- Saskay Reveals She’s In Love

Former big brother naija housemate, Saskay, has revealed she’s been having intelligient conversations with a certain man, and this has gotten her head over heels in love with him, she thinks they will get married.

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Saskay tweeted:

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Okay I think I’m gonna marry this manQuality conversations>>>>The conversation dey carry me go where I no know

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Few comments on her post reads:

@Ursa I pray to God to bless you with a guy who will love and adore you….,.
@christiana, you are a wonderfully nice and quiet girl.
Na lie! . I’m still rooting for you on Twitter, hehe. You go serve breakfast, or I go serve breakfast, select one hehehe@rose
Which kind of silence? From Lagos to Ghana, a green aboki gossip snake internet beggar
The tough girl Don’t fall in love because love is delicious abeg…make me prepare my Asoebi@Ntebe
As your elder sister from South Africa, I hope that he is

1. God fearing

2. Treats you like a Dimond that you are

3. Hard worker, and big dreamer

4. Respectful5. Great communicator

6. Clean and handsome

7. Not controlling

You are a beautiful soul and you deserve the best@educultHow could you? I know you are just tensioning me my love. All this are just your imagination please. I still got you my heart.

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