I’m Begging You Please Let My Son Be Alive To See Me – Actress Jinad Habibat Beg On Social For His Little Son Life. - IgbohoConnect
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well-known Nollywood Jinad Habibat, a Yoruba actress and producer, posted a little video of herself on her Instagram page pleading with her fellow professionals in the film industry to stop spreading untrue rumors and gossip about her.

She wrote in his article that she is pleading with you for her son’s sake. I’m pleading with you in the name of God, please and again. She continued by saying that despite all the difficulties she had endured, she was still walking proudly despite having been broken, destroyed, rejected, and abandoned. For the sake of my son, do permit me to live in peace.

The actress began her video by urging her colleagues in the film industry to stop spreading untrue information about her. She specifically mentioned Yetunde Bakare, who had wronged her in the past and begged her, and said that even now, whenever someone inquired about her from Yerunde, she would always respond, “No go area.” Why did she respond, “No go area?” Is she a bad person or what? She claimed that Yetunde refused to let anyone assist her or get near to her.

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