‘I’ll Not Give Up’ – Actress Omoni Oboli Shares Epic Throwback Photo To Motivate Fans(check In) - IgbohoConnect
Omoni Oboli, a veteran Nollywood actress and producer, has reassured young people in Nigeria and those who look up to her that they can succeed in life if they put in the effort.

The mother of three encouraged her followers to keep reaching new heights by sharing a throwback photo of herself on her Instagram page.

Ill Not Give Up – Actress Omoni Oboli Shares Epic

” I will not give up. I will not be deterred. I WILL CHANGE MY LIFE. As a serial entrepreneur, I know that no one knows what is going to happen next. But I NEVER quit. I keep going, always believing in myself, my ideas and my goals. I put God first and continue work at my dreams,” she captioned her post.

In an similar post, Omoni Oboli had revealed that she was able to make it this far and become a well known name in the Nigerian entertainment industry and globally without a sliver spoon.

Her message was in response to someone who told her to stop working hard because she is already popular globally.

Omoni Oboli posted photos slide of herself on duty and captioned it: “Someone said I’m already made so why work so hard…I say, I’m working to leave a legacy for my kids and other young people especially of African decent. If a girl like me who wasn’t born with a silver spoon can succeed globally, everyone can! We are not here to look pretty.”

Recall that sometime ago Oboli said that people who rejoice at other people’s misfortune, are practicing witchcraft.

Oboli said this after sharing a post asking people to “name something a lot of people like but can’t stand.”

The actress stated that rejoicing at people’s misfortune is the highest form of witchcraft.

She wrote; “Hmmm…witchcraft! And that’s specifically people who rejoice at other people’s misfortune. That’s the highest form of witchcraft.”

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