“If you don’t have iPhone 14 please don’t Come Near Me Or ask for my number” – Lady declares warn broke boys - IgbohoConnect
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big girl” from Nigeria has declared war on impoverished boys and established a clear line between who is allowed to ask for her number and who should never do so.

The woman, whose outspoken statement has since gained notoriety, asserted that any male who doesn’t own an iPhone, particularly the newest iPhone 14, shouldn’t ask for her number because it’s likely that he is incredibly poor and unable to get a phone.

Due to her sharp eye for wealth, some have criticized her for making bad decisions while others have promised to utilize her in money rituals in the near future.

In this setting, women’s craving for material goods has taken over their awareness. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on them, your chances of dating them are similarly slim.

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