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Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia has shared her opinion on the continuous issue of domestic violence trailing most marriages which eventually leads to the death of the woman.

In a lengthy and convincing post on her Instagram stories, Etinosa who has been a victim of domestic violence in her marriage at a young age noted that low self-esteem is what is killing young girls and not money. She further explained that what a mother says to her girl child becomes a principle of what the child grows up with.

Etinosa said she would have died in 2014 if she didn’t carry herself up. She said women go into marriages sane but develop mental issues because the man turns around to tell the world the ‘wife’ is a toxic person.

Etinosa Idemudia’s post
“African parents too no dey try for women-for the girl child. They pass on this tradition from year to year that a man is the crown of any woman irrespective of how useless the man is.

“Yes a man is head I agree but NOT EVERY MAN deserves your head sis, you tell your mother what your husband is doing to you, the emotional and physical torture from him and his family and your mother will be advicing NONSENSE because she too endured her own.

“It’s just a continuous cycle of rubbish but we must start having these conversations. We must break the Jinx. Stop killing our girls

Stop beating our wives, our mothers, our daughters Just stop!! I have hot temper I have hot temper but when you see your fellow man you no fit hit am. Suddenly you get self control. Na for house you get power. YOU ARE A BASTARD!!!!! BASTARD BGER LIZARD.

“Low self-esteem is killing our girls. NOT SAPA. Low self esteem is a very underrated disease. It must not be found in my children.

“Imagine a mother saying to a daughter you over rate yourself too much… as if it’s a bad thing. You carry yourself up too much, men don’t like that. WHO CARES WHAT MEN LIKE??? Can’t I just like what I LIKE???? Do I have to sleep, eat, wake up to please a man? Is that all my life is for???

“I would have died since 2014 if I never chose myself and “carry myself up” Leave to Live. You can do it alone. You are enough. You are bigger than whatever reason is making you go back there. You were once single, you did not die. You are not the first to leave. You will be alright You are amazing. Girl, you are the prize!!!””RIP B and every other victim of DV.

“Yes we will all die some day but never at the hands of someone who vowed to love and protect me in front of God and 200 people in a church!.

“You go into marriage sane. Years later you develop unprintable mental issues because of one bastard that will turn around and tell the world you are the toxic one. Professionals in Gas lighting…set awon my wife is crazy…bagger lizard was she crazy when u married her…I’m tired of bad news and wickedness. Evil evil everywhere what is it?????!!!!!!! Jesus Christ”.

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