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The movie producer Olajide Kareem, also known as Seun Egbegbe, reportedly announced that he had given his life to Jesus Christ while he was incarcerated, according to The Nation News.

According to The Nation News, he reportedly revealed this in an interview with BBC Yoruba.

He allegedly said, in one of his statements, “Being born again has been my greatest success in life,” as reported by the Nation News. He spoke.

He also stressed how much different Seun Egbegbe is now from how he was back then.

The film producer also underlined how dealing with his anger issues while incarcerated was beneficial.

Seun Egbegbe also issued a warning to men who are fond of raising their hands to beat women to desist from such an act.

According to him, he said that ” I will never raise my hand to hit any woman again.”

No matter what your woman does, don’t hit her. ” He said

Recall that on February 10, 2017, the film producer was placed on remand after it was claimed he obtained money from roughly 40 Bureaus de Change employees under false pretences.

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