“I was Still Defrauded By My Close Associates and Family Despite My Health Condition” -Veteran Actor, Fadeyi Oloro Cry Out For Help(video) - IgbohoConnect
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Ojo Arowosafe, better known by his stage as Fadeyi Oloro, is a veteran actor from Nigeria who has shared his ordeal with his close friends and family. Fadeyi Oloro explained how he was taken advantage of by his close friends in a TVC News interview.

Fadeyi shared his experience by saying, “They collected almost all the money that kind individuals have been helping me with.” I no longer have the funds to purchase medications. I haven’t even had breakfast yet. I need your assistance; this deception is too much. The people who are cheating me are those who are nearest to me. Please be kind to me. For the past month, I have been unable to visit the hospital or pharmacy. I’m hurting.

During an interview with a journalist in Ogun State, Fadeyi revealed that he had been defrauded by a close associate called Yinka and another called Abbey.

Fadeyi Oloro is popular for his roles in Yoruba movies and his strong command of the language.

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