“I once carried 80 leaves full of ‘chokes’ into an exam hall” – Saskay spills - IgbohoConnect
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Former Big Brother Naija housemate Saskay talks about attempting to cheat in an exam room but failing due to bad luck.

On Twitter, a user asked followers to share their stories about the moment they realized they would fail a course after receiving the exam questions.

Sharing her experience, Saskay revealed that she had once entered an examination hall with an 80 leaves full of ‘chokes’ (a colloquial word for cheat sheets).

Unluckily for her, none of the answers in her 80 leaves book corresponded with the question.

She revealed that she decided to start taking random answers from her book to assign different questions.

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In her words;

“In secondary school, I carried a full 80 leaves sheet of ‘chokes’ into the exam hall and none of it corresponded with the questions. I started free styling and dashing each question anything from my chokes.”

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