I never had a boyfriend when I was your age- Lady Scold her Brother over Love letter his SS1 girlfriend sent to him (Video) - IgbohoConnect
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Video has gone viral as Young lady shares video of a Letter her Brother’s girlfriend gave to him.
Sharing the video, The lady Jokingly scolded him over his secondary school affair  as she told him to Kneel down to explain the letter given by his girlfriend, Precious.
In the video, the lady was heard shouting at her brother revealing that when she was his age and also his class (SS1) she never had any boyfriend.
While she asked on how long her brother and precious has been dating, he said they have been dating for 6months.
Although in the letter, His girlfriend Precious pleaded to him for not kissing him because they just began dating and she can’t rush things like that.

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She also said that she can’t also kiss him in his compound because she does not want his Sister to know they are dating. Not only that, she also advised him to get a phone so their relationship can be stronger than the way it is.
She also urged him to Tear the letter if he sees this.
Watch the video below…….


My younger brother is something else😩😂😂😂

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