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A man has taken to social media to lament over how his Oyinbo landlady was in the habit of disturbing his peaceHe shared a video of the woman knocking repeatedly on his door and then going on to throw him kissesWhile describing her as a mentally deranged fellow, he vowed to move out of the house as soon as he can

A tenant has caused a stir on social media after sharing a video showing how his Oyinbo house owner pesters him.

The clip he shared on TikTok 

was captioned, “This is becoming a habit, I need to move out asap.”

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In the clip, the woman knocked on his door repeatedly as she greeted him despite not getting any response.

She kept on knocking on the door and afterwards blew him kisses repeatedly before leaving the scene.

In a  subsequent video he made 

, the man said he hasn’t been able to sleep well due to her incessant disturbances.Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

 Joy Sbo Majola 


“Move out, it seems she’s got mental illness. I hope she gets help soon.” ThobileZwideh 


“Hai mina I feel sorry for you, you better move out ASAP lapho ngeke!!” Alma 


” What’s funny is that you didn’t say morning back to her.” Shane Sambo 


“What did you give her, this is definitely a ripple effect of something.” BitchImASecret 


“Friend you need to update us every morning and night so we know you’re alive.” ceda_boytjie 


“I find comfort in knowing others have it worse. thank you.” Peace  

☮️ said:

“She is crushing on u those kisses are not innocent.”Man expresses love for his landlord for reducing tenants’ rent


previously reported that a tenant had praised his landlord 

for reducing his rent by 7 months.

The Kenyan tenant, Kenneth Owuor, shared a copy of a rent review letter his landlord identified as John Mwedwa had given him.

In the letter, the landlord said he’d be reducing tenants’ monthly rents for 7 months starting from May to December 2022.

Kenneth however revealed that the landlord didn’t just start out being kind but has been showing kindness to tenants since he moved in. According to Kenneth, the landlord gives tenants gifts every Christmas and had one time reduced the house rent by Ksh 3k (N10k) due to a bad service road leading to the house.

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