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Yomi Fabiyi, a well-known Yoruba film actor, has used Instagram to express his support for Kemi Afolabi, a colleague who is undergoing treatment for lupus. The actor wrote an impassioned essay about how much he missed her and how he was sick of video conversations with her. He also expressed his desire to actually meet her.

The distance between them has not been nice to him, he said, adding that he is pleased to see that she is doing better.

He disclosed that he had just been quite busy at work and that he would be travelling to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Dubai.

He disclosed that he went uninvited to the home of Kemi’s younger sister and was given a friendly welcome and allowed to stay the night. He said that she is the one who consistently laughs at his jokes, even when they are not humorous, and that she is the one who constantly recalls and values the past deeds.

He praises God that she is feeling much better today and promises to make his way to America soon so they can finally get together again after a lengthy separation.

Read The Caption on his Instagram

Make I no lie I really miss you omotibi @kemiafolabiadesipe I rang you today, unanswered before I reminded myself our time difference. Mo ti gbagbe ara mi.

Woo, e pay make we dey fight and make up than this long distance oh. O ti n su mi oh though am happy you better and doing well.

Video calls and chats no reach me again Kemi. Funniestly my calender keeps getting busier. MC jobs and movie productions keeps piling up like it is in competition with my imminent long vacation(US, CANADA, UK and DUBAI), abi na. 2nd World Tour.

How many colleague can I go to his or her unnannounced, meet absence yet get fed, shower and sleep?

Na who I wan go her younger sister place unnannounced, sleep and my own colleague meet me there and we started talking like we planned to meet there and start new waka waka about?

Kemi, you are on one the few that laughs at my jokes even when they are not funny. You are one who remember the good deed and times of a friend if in crisis or needed a shoulder and you turn up.

Anyways, grateful to God for answered prayers on your ill-health. I sha know I go find my way to Yankee soon, one thing is sure, I KNOW YOU WILL HIDE MY PASSPORT BUT PLEASE TELL WHERE YOU HIDING IT OK, ore mi ore mi ma se bo se to.

MISS YOU MATE AND SEE YOU SOON. Regards to Iya Anota and @seun_sarr

Ayome #omotibi

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