“I Knack my sister’s husband More Than 5times but nobody knows” – Lady confesses (video) - IgbohoConnect
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A young woman has openly admitted to having an illicit relationship with the husband of her sister.

During a vox pop, the young woman revealed this quite shocking confession after being asked to share a secret she had never revealed to anyone else.

The woman said that she had an affair with her sister’s husband and that only she and her knew about it.

She continued by saying that she would be in serious trouble and would have to leave the house if her sister found out.

She was then asked what would happen if her sister saw the video, and she responded with confidence that it wouldn’t.

“She Sabi Knack Person My Husband”- Lady Say As She Knack Comedian Klint Da Drunk
Klint Da Drunk, a comedian and actor from Nigeria, is embroiled in a scandal involving an adulterous relationship with a married woman.

A young woman who posted a video of herself in bed with a well-known stand-up comic caused a stir on social media.

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Klint was sound asleep on the bed as the woman who claimed to be married was filming the scene while unclothed.

She boasted about her bedmatics prowess by claiming that she had defeated the comedian in a video that was re-posted on Twitter by @AfamDeluxo.

Watch video below;

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